Wang 700 Programmable Calculator Simulator

See also Wang Programmable Calculator Assembler documentation

This calculator was revolutionary for it's time, and a major product for Wang Laboratories, Inc. It's design was the predecessor to the 500 and 600 series calculators as well as the 1200 series word processor systems. All represent major landmarks in the field of electronic computers and business machines.

All known models are supported (700A, 700B, 700C, 720A, 720B, 720C). The JAVA command line may add the model string to select a model, or the "Edit"/"Preferences" menu may be used to set the model in the properties file. The default model is 720C. Note that these models are implemented by taking the 720C microcode and reducing functionality to meet the limits of the desired model. The original microcode used on models other than 720C is not available.

Base ModelABC
7001Kx8 Core Memory
960 steps
120 regs
Plotting Devs
chars 04-00
thru 07-15)
Storage Devs
(I/O command
7202Kx8 Core Memory
1984 steps
248 regs
DIRECT+100 codes

Models A, B, and C were cumulative, where B contains all of A plus Plotting and C contains all of A and B plus Storage I/O.

Several peripheral/add-on devices are supported, in addition to the (normally) built-in tape drive. These include:

These devices are controlled through the "Devices" menu. Additional information can be found in the Help topic "About the Simulator".

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Architecture of the Wang 700

Special thanks to Rick Bensene at The Old Calculator Museum, who provided a great deal of material, support, and motivation for this project.

See also Øyvind Teig's blog The lives of a Wang 700 calculator, which is a great tribute full of interesting memories, examples of how it was used to run a business, and great detailed photos (and descriptions) of the calculator internals.

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