Programming the Wang 700

Programs may be entered into the calculator memory in the "Learn", or "Learn and Print" modes. In Learn and Print mode, each program step entered will be printed. The printer must be "On" to use Learn and Print.

Each key pressed in Learn mode will be entered into the current program step, and the program step (Program Counter, or P.C.) will advance to the next step. Pressing PRIME will return to step 0000. The "Set P.C." key may be used to go directly to any program step. Press Set P.C. followed by 4 digits to select a program step. This calculator has 1984 program steps, numbered 0000 through 1983.

Listing a Program

A program may be listed by going to "List Program" mode and pressing "GO" (actually, almost any key will start the listing). One of the "OutputWriter" devices must be connected. The program listing will continue until an END PROG code is encountered (not printed). In addition, the calculator will stop listing every 1000 steps (if you forgot to put an END PROG in your program, or your program is longer than 1000 steps).

Program editing functions (S.M., INS, B.S., DEL) are activated by "Run-Learn" mode, where noth Run and Learn buttons are depressed. This mode functions nearly identically to Learn mode, except for the different functions assigned the PRIME, SET P.C., VERIFY PROG, and RECORD PROG keys.

Simulator Notes: